Release Date: August 2013
Post Apocalyptic / Science Fiction

Dead Highways 1: Origins

The apocalypse began in a government laboratory in Nevada. One week later, 99 percent of the world lay in a deep sleep.

One day later, the infected wake, but they're not the same. Any memory of who they once were has been erased, their humanity stolen under the cover of darkness. Reprogrammed toward a single purpose, they migrate across the country like soldiers on a secret mission, killing anything that crosses their path.

But hope is not completely lost. There are survivors—the one percent immune to the infection. They gather in groups. They watch out for one another. They plan to rebuild society. But more than anything, they want answers. Why did this happen? Where are the infected going? And what is guiding them? 

The truth waits at the end of these dead highways, but the journey will be long and dangerous, and the cure may prove more deadly than the infection.